Chill with plants - coffee table book

Om boken:
A book with colorful photographs of plants with an artistic touch and reflective few words associated with the images.

– – –

We are a part of nature. It is not we the humans and then the animals. We are all beings. We are nature. We are.

We also have too much to do. To focus on something completely different to one hundred percent for a short while: your mind can not think of what stresses you. So: look, feel and think of the artistic photographs of flowers and leaves, their lines, textures, colors and what is real and really real – and what is really important.

Or just admire nature. Beautiful nature, that we are a part of. Beautiful you. Chill with plants.

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Chill with plants

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Den kommer på svenska också, men funkar fint som coffee table book.

Titel: Chill with plants
Författare: Caroline Salde
Sidor 56
ISBN 9789198517491
Mått 148 x 210 mm
Vikt 115 gram
Pris 229 kr

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