Reusable coffee filter


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Reusable coffee filter

This is a vey simple solution to an everyday habit, that you can change for good and for the good. By stop using paper coffee filters and this reusable filter instead, you can reduce your ecological footprint a little bit. And bit by bit, we all contribute to a world with less garbage and energy waste.

This filter fits in regular coffee machines, it is a bit lower, but if you do not need to cook 14 cups at once, it will work perfectly.

Diameter: 118 mm
Base length: 55 mm
Bottom width: 15 mm
Height: 85 mm

The material that the mesh is made of is nylon and not semipermeable paper, there will be a little fine grained coffee-grounds at the bottom ot the coffee cup. Drink it or leave it, just another new habit for a better world.

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