New York architecture 2


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New York architecture 2

New York architecture 2: the numbers in this serie can be quite long: you can take a zillion photos from the exact same spot, but never get the same picture again. The weather, people, birds and other animal, but birds are quite common in the city, season, time of the day – are all influencing the the feeling of the picture.

The curtains

Who pulled away the curtains on the third and fourth flour. Have you accidentally come across someone else’s photograph, which later became a poster? Who knows?!

Other posters from cities:

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21×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm, 50×70 cm, 70×100 cm

Paper quality

Studio Caro-lines prints your poster on demand on matte photo paper used by professionals. Only the best quality is good enough! It is also good to know that all the sizes print in standard measure. Hence, this means that you can easily find frames that suit your poster. You can also buy a passepartout if you have a frame you love in other size.

Hanging pictures

How do I hang art on the wall? Along an imaginary line or asymmetrical? Some posters are best as solitaires in a large format, owning the wall and room. Other posters are good together with other motifs and patterns mixed with people. You can also use different frames to create an interesting focus for the eyes to rest at and actually also to bring peacefulness or even happiness to your mind and soul. Please, have a look here for some inspiration for how to hang your pictures on your wall.

Shipping it carefully to you

The smallest posters in the size of 21×30 cm arrive in a flat cardboard envelope made of recycled paper. Then all the larger ones are gently rolled, stuffed with silk paper and put in a hard cardboard tube, also made of recycled paper. The largest ones also get a box. Then finally most certainly handled with love and care all the way to you. Posters and prints!


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