Falsterbokanalen: The tower of the Falsterbo channel




Falsterbokanalen: The tower of the Falsterbo channel

“Falsterbokanalen” – the tower in the Falsterbo channel. The landmark of Höllviken in the south of Malmö in Sweden. Those were the days when there was a man working up in it! He could shout out very loud to people who started to walk or ride their bicycles too early after an opening of the bridge through a megaphone. The cool kids did that anyway. Today, it is being handled it from Trollhättan.

There is a lot of history about the nice Falsterbokanalen in Höllviken as the name of it is in Swedish. And I suggest that you read more at Wikipedia! Many people that live in Skanör and Falsterbo probably wish it would stop with its service. That is since almost every day by the hour – except for rushhours – it opens – with long queues as provided.

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