Dutchess Grace


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Dutchess Grace

Dutchess Grace was named after her personality. It is said that her great grandmother already knew before they day morning she was born that she would be a person with grace. Therefore it was easy to see that it was a Grace that saw the light of day.

She liked to spend they day out in the outskirts of the park that still today belongs to the castle. There she could sit for hours and hours and look at flowers, trees and the lines and colors of them: natures own poetry.

Let your personality continue the story and wear the brooch with pride and curiosity.


About the brooches collection:

A special collection of brooches worn by strong and powerful women that has made great deeds in the passed, laying the foundation for future generations of women with courage and strength to do what is right, no matter what. Now it is your turn to bring the legacy into the future. Some of it might be a bit fake, but it could be true.

These brooches are one of a kind, just like you.

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