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From nature: in the country of warm and sunny place ruled the Archduchess Augusta for decades. Nobody even knows if she ever was married, no-one knew his name. But since there are so many children there must have been at least one.

From nature

Archduchess Augusta provided freedom and work for her people at the castle where they lived. The whole village was part of the castle, their home. Men and women worked on the lush fields of wheat, oats, corn and vegetables, that provided food for them, since they all were vegans. They grew fruit trees and harvested just as much as they needed. And the food was so much more delicious than any cookbook ever made.

Let your personality continue the story and wear the brooch with pride, summer and winter, spring and fall.


About the brooches collection:

A special collection of brooches worn by strong and powerful women that has made great deeds in the passed, laying the foundation for future generations of women with courage and strength to do what is right, no matter what. Now it is your turn to bring the legacy into the future. Some of it might be a bit fake, but it could be true.

These brooches are one of a kind, just like you.

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