A dahlia with pink highlights on the petals

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A poster with a sketch of a dahlia with light pink highlights on the petals. The printed piece of art is a digitally enhanced photograph. Dahlias are really the queen of flowers. That’s true either if you’re a horticulturist or an amateur gardener – or anything in between.

When I grew up I was often told about my great grandfather, that he was gardening a lot and he was a dahlia aficionado; if there were any flowers in his yard it was dahlias. I remember the first plants I had after we had moved to my own garden and they were these one-and-a-half inch seeds that looked like dandelions. They were actually morning glories and I decided to start a bed of them. From then on, I had to have dahlias. I couldn’t get enough of them. And since then, I’ve never looked back. They bloom so brilliantly and they’re so easy to grow – and always blooming on a wall with this poster.

Scandinavian Design
Posters and art designed in Sweden, Scandinavia with inspiration from our beautiful world. Design from a Scandinavian designer. Nordic design. Circular shapes. Hexagons. Prismatic circles. Circle references. Square shapes. Square geometric designs. Spherical shapes. 3D. These shapes together with a great dose of inspiration from Scandinavian nature that shapes the Nordic mindset: solitude, vastness, and clear air sum up the products = inspiration for body and mind → art to put on your wall.

Archive quality items made of thick and durable matt (uncoated) paper.
– Paper weight: 170 g / m2
– Delivered in robust packaging that protects the poster
– Printed and delivered on request.


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