Large earrings in paradise

Your best thoughts and things. Thoughts. And things. Late at night, the small things create big thoughts. And maybe it is the darkness found there that tells us what is most important in our lives right now: what is important to get rid of or to fix. In the morning the questions feel less important and almost solved. And you feel better.

The things in our lives should create positive emotions and be many enough or, more accurately, just enough: only those who bring joy! Some of them can be found below: posters, jewellery and vintage items.

“Surrond yourself with things that gives you energy”

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Posters from the past – vintage posters

Here we have collected a number of posters that are over a hundred years old. These are images from scientific collections where drawing their motifs was the only way to document the discoveries. Thus, it must have been an advantage to be both creative and scientifically placed to be able to substantiate their discoveries.

Some posters have folds in the picture: they should be there! That’s what they looked like when they were documented and actually amplifies the vintage feel even more. Like the left image below.

Jewellery – show who you are

Choosing your jewellery with care is important. It reflects who you are and also how you might feel for the moment. You may be going to work and want to lift your outfit with a pair of large earrings or break off the black outfit with a necklace or brooch that enhances and adds elegance.

The brooches are handmade and unique in their kind: there is only one of each and is as unique as you! Put it on a scarf on your handbag, use it on a black turtleneck sweater or wrap it beautifully and give it to your best friend or mom – it may even be the same person!

Vintage stuff and smart things for the environment

Here are other things coming soon! These pictures are just examples from other categories. Stay tuned.

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