Hej and hello!

My name is Caroline Salde. I live very south in Sweden - it is the part of Sweden where we pronoun the "r:s" like in France.

I love to design digitally. I am inspired of everything I see, even if I don't think I am in an inspiring mode, I see things such as patterns, colors and tones, shapes, outlines for new images that you can't recognise when the idea is implemented. I love to walk in the city (which most of the time Malmö, but could preferably also be Paris, Tokyo or New York or close Copenhagen).

I get inspiration from glossy interior design magazines, design blogs, both Swedish and international. My kids are also inspiring. They still see and think of things as we are born to think, not as we are shaped to think by society - even if society is shaped by us who are born. Did I mention that I like twinkles and sparks in the language - it makes it spark and also your mind spark.

I do my work under the name "Caro-lines - my lines, Caro-lines.

Well, come in!

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